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8 Inch Automatic Wire Stripper Tool With Auto Adjusting Function

Short Description:

Multi function design: Wire stripper: it can strip cables and wires. Wire cutter: cutting various wires. Wire crimper: used for crimping terminals.
Double sided spring design: easy to strip multi strand wires
Service: in stocks and low MOQ.

Product Detail

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Cr12MoV body
Blade material: SK5
Anti slip handle: ABS + TPR

Surface treatment:
Heat treatment and black electrophoretic plated, not easy to rust.

Process and Design:
Multifunctional design, no need to adjust to strip, fast and labor-saving
Double sided spring, easy to strip multi strand wires
The handle is ergonomically designed, firmly held, anti slip and wear resistant.

Specification of automatic wire stripper

Model No



Stripping range

Crimping range









Wire strippers are widely used in construction sites, workshops, families and other conditions.  They are mainly used for electricians to strip and cut the insulated layer on the head surface of small wires.

The cutting blade of wire strippers can be used to cut copper wire, aluminum wire and soft iron wire. This automatic wire stripper is suitable for a variety of wires.

It can strip sheathed core wires / flat wires / sheath wires / network cables/ multi strand sheathed wires.

The crimping range is AWG22-10(0.5-6.0㎟)

But it's not applicable to the special wires, such as thick layer wires / antifreeze wires / high temperature wires / insulated fiber wires.

Operation Instruction/Operation Method Of Automatic Wire Stripper

Place the prepared cable in the middle of the blade of the automatic wire stripper and select the length to be stripped;

Hold the handle of the wire stripper, clamp the wires, and slowly force the outer layer of the wires to strip slowly;

Loosen the handle and take out the wires. The  metal part is neatly exposed, and the other insulated plastic parts are intact.

For the wire stripping force, the button can be adjusted. If it slips, please tighten it. If the wire is disconnected, please loosen it.

The length of the red adjusting buckle can be adjusted: pull the red buckle, push it back and forth, and fix the wire length. It can ensure that the length of each stripped wire is the same.

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