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Hexon has a diverse range of wrench products designed to cater to various needs:

1、Universal Wrench


Our Universal Wrench is a versatile tool with a specification range from 9 to 32 millimeters. Crafted from high-quality 45# carbon steel, the wrench undergoes a meticulous forging and heat treatment process, ensuring durability. Its surface is coated with a layer of chrome for added protection, and the ergonomic design includes a dual-color PVC grip for a comfortable and secure hold.

 2、Universal Adjustable Wrench



For those seeking a compact yet powerful option, our Universal Adjustable Wrench is an excellent choice. Available in sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches, this #45 carbon steel tool is forged and heat-treated for resilience.



The chrome-plated surface, polished head, and laser-etched brand logo and scale showcase the attention to detail. With a maximum opening size of 24 millimeters and a PVC-dipped handle, it combines functionality with convenience.




3、Strap Wrench


The Strap Wrench features a handle made from PP (Polypropylene) with a TPR coating, providing a reliable and comfortable grip. Designed with a conventional yellow or red color and a black TPR coating, it comes equipped with a rubber belt for versatile usage.

 4、Heavy-duty Adjustable Wrench




Our Heavy-duty Adjustable Wrench adopts a step-style design for enhanced functionality. Crafted from #45 carbon steel and subjected to heat treatment, its surface boasts a nickel-iron alloy plating. The laser-marked metric scale and the dual-color PVC and TPR handle make it a robust and user-friendly tool.

 5、Fixed head Double End Ratcheting Wrench



Finally, our Fixed head Double End Ratcheting Wrench with Ratchet Ring is made from chromium vanadium steel, ensuring strength and durability. The subdued chrome plating, laser-etched specifications and material markings, along with the black finish ratchet ring for improved grip, make it a reliable and efficient addition to any toolkit.

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In conclusion, the mentioned wrenches represent just a glimpse of our extensive product range. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of wrenches and various other tools. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we welcome you to reach out to us at any time. Whether you have specific preferences or unique requirements, our wide array of products ensures that you’ll find the perfect tool for the job. Thank you for considering our quality tools, and we look forward to assisting you with all your tool needs.



Post time: Jan-29-2024